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forum reply

Posted by Joseph Christian on Friday, September 2, 2011,

Site Admin reply


(joe) I agree with you whole heatedly,

(joe) You should always use,

(joe) when determining if anyone is rightfully,

(joe) interpreting Scripture,

(joe) MOST ALWAYS, there is a way of,

(joe) using Scripture to interpret Scripture,


I do not trust anyone who calls themself a profit

(joe) not sure how to reply to this,

(joe) I guess for the most part this is true,

(joe) there ar...

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tribulation times

Posted by Joseph Christian on Saturday, August 20, 2011,

Times for tribulation                  each judgment lasts ½ the time left = 1st seal last 3.5 years ( red horseman separates trib + great trib)


                What happens                   Revelation                Description

                ------------------        ---------------            ------                ------------------------------------

Judgment                  (years     (time left in trib)                days                hours                minuets        ...

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