About Us

 could I be ”that prophet”


A prophet is not without honor

Which of these three could I be

-         That prophet

-         Elias

-         Elijah

Elias + Elijah are Jewish,,, are they not ?

I cannot be sure who my father was/is,

            but I do not believe him to be of Jewish linage

That only leaves that prophet

            Do you know, or could you find out more about him

I would like to be the one that “restores all things”

-         But that is Elias,,,

o       And he is Jewish, right

I ponder about this because of all the gifts that our Lord has blessed me with,


I have been given His Ear,

He teaches me all that I ask

o       + I mean All

If I could take some more accurate IQ tests, and still be able to surpass these tests,


I want to use this brain power to prove to this world that there is a real God

-         I know that it can be done

-         I hate the idea of sooooooo many people going to hell

o       Not knowing their need for Salvation

o        believing in the evolution fantasy

-         with the whole world system telling them that they are fools to believe in God




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