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September 2, 2011

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(joe) I agree with you whole heatedly,

(joe) You should always use,

(joe) when determining if anyone is rightfully,

(joe) interpreting Scripture,

(joe) MOST ALWAYS, there is a way of,

(joe) using Scripture to interpret Scripture,


I do not trust anyone who calls themself a profit

(joe) not sure how to reply to this,

(joe) I guess for the most part this is true,

(joe) there are no doubt a lot of quacks out there fore sure,

(joe) but there are also many Prophets out there too,

(joe) I guess the best way to sort them out,

(joe) is by using God’s measuring stick,

(joe) (Mat 7:20) “Wherefore BY THEIR FRUITs ye shall know them.”

(joe) please, let my web pages display my fruit,


(joe) PLEASE,,, email me with any errors in logic, prophecy,

(joe) mathematics or interpretation that you can see,


(joe) is misguide any of His/my fellow Servants,


- or sets a date.

(joe) I do not set the date of Christ’s Return,

(joe) I only point out that there is a Deadline,

(joe) or Door that Jesus must pass through,

(joe) a date which we are not only allowed and encouraged to know,
(joe) but in the original Greek,

(joe) we are commanded to know,

(joe) KNOW it is near, even at the DOORS,

(joe) ever wonder why it is plural in this verse,

(joe) because His two phases,
(joe) (1) RAPTURE

(joe) best explanation found in

I really hate arrogance.
(joe) YES, as do I,

(joe) I have struggled with this for an aweful long time

(joe) I best explain my reasoning for taking on this job,

(joe) in


I will respond later,

on the 7 years of tribulation,

And the pre-trib rapture


tribulation times

August 20, 2011

Times for tribulation                  each judgment lasts ½ the time left = 1st seal last 3.5 years ( red horseman separates trib + great trib)


                What happens                   Revelation                Description

                ------------------        ---------------            ------                ------------------------------------

Judgment                  (years     (time left in trib)                days                hours                minuets        ...

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